3 Australian Pharmacy Healthtech Startups

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With the tsunami of telehealth and telemedicine hitting consumers relentlessly in 2020, the knock-on effect further down the chain has arguably been a positive one for the pharmacy world.

The traditional process and behaviour of engaging with a pharmacist is changing, and consumers may start to wonder why they need to leave the house for their medication.

Here are three Australian pharmacy-related healthtech products to watch in the next year:

Lazy Pharmacy


Founded: 2018

With a goal of creating the most accurate medication record, Melbourne-born and bred Lazy Pharmacy was inspired by a common problem faced by a Clinical Pharmacist with 25 years experience.

While working in a hospital on rotation Hiam noted patients were brought in and they were unable to give or have access to an accurate medication record. Lazy Pharmacy bring together the Patient/User, Pharmacist and Doctor in one portal to manage medication effectively.

Still in its early stages or "startup" phase, if Lazy Pharmacy can communicate its effectiveness to increase adoption, it could be one to watch closely.

MyMedKit (by Pocket Health)


Founded: 2018

Quietly making incremental progress over the past couple of years, Brisbane-based MyMedKit is an on-demand prescription delivery app that allows a patient to get their prescription and over-the-counter items delivered with a touch of a button.

Delivering seven days a week, the convenience is obvious and intriguing, with their marketing so far targeted at predominantly mothers with babies and young children.

Chemist2U (by Tonic Health Media)


Founded: 2020

Chemist2U is owned and operated by successful Sydney-based healthcare agency Tonic Health Media.

With a mandate to, "conveniently deliver prescription medicines, pain relief and other pharmacy products straight to a customer’s home or office", they are rolling out the innovation step-by-step, starting just a few months ago in Brisbane.

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