Asia's Top Healthtech Services (Part 1)

Although focused on Australia's healhtech scene, here at Doctology we always have one eye on our neighbours and their own healthtech sector.

Below are the top 5 most populous countries in Asia and their most successful healthtech startup or company so far (the main rule to be included on the list is that Doctors are involved clinically with the service):


Ping An Good Doctor -

With 265 million users you cannot ignore the presence in China of “Ping An Good Doctor” (no, it is not a type-error, it is “An”).

With an army of a medical team providing online consultations, products for external health services such as appointment booking and referrals, online drug purchasing and even being contracted to deliver wellness services to clinics and pharmacies, it lives up to its billing of being a “one-stop healthcare ecosystem”.


Practo -

Is there a bigger vote of confidence than being backed by the likes of Sequoia and Google Capital? Practo must feel the vote of confidence and pressure in equal measure.

Starting out as a Doctor directory for their now 10 million patients, appointment bookings, online consultations and medication ordering followed. For healthcare services, they even develop software products. In stark contract to Australia, millions of people use their electronic health record feature and share these with Doctors through the system.


Halodoc -

As in most Asian countries, physical access to a Doctor can often be seen as a luxury, or near impossible.

Halodoc’s two million users benefit from two key services, telehealth consults and delivery of medicines, taking advantage of some huge obstacles to efficient healthcare in the country.

A recent Series B funding of US$65m included Singtel Innov8 (owners of Australia’s Optus) and with the company barely 3 years old, there is plenty of room for growth yet.


Oladoc -

Founded in 2016, Oladoc is Pakistan’s healthtech darling. At last count the Lahore-based company had over one million users and raised a modest US$1.1m in 2018 to further its reach.

Focusing on two key offerings, appointment bookings and an app for clinics to help them manage their practice, Oladoc has international ambitions, having rebranded last year to support this goal.


Doctorola -

Many healthtech companies were founded on a common theme, with one key service, usually appointment booking.

Doctorola were no different and to this day it remains their primary focus. With over 185,000 current patient users the upside in a country of 165 million is clear.

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