Part 1: Australian Healthtech & Coronavirus

With crisis, comes opportunity, or at least in some eyes.

It was said many years ago the Chinese word for crisis also meant opportunity. It was argued since that this was probably false.

But the truth is, according to scholarly texts Google, the word crisis originates from the Greek "to separate, to sift”. Essentially meaning to pass judgement, to keep only what is worthwhile.

Healthtech companies and services in Australia have seized the current “opportunity”.

And here are five quick-fire examples:

QURO by Medius Health

With AI-backed “Health Assistants” Medius have come to the table with a clever application. Their chatbot-style questionnaire takes 30 seconds and could be invaluable for those thinking about leaving the house:

( Visit to the tool here: )


Patient-engagement (predominantly appointment booking) platform HotDoc has created a screening tool for when patients make a booking with a GP.

( Download the app to find out more or visit the website )


Telehealth consult app has swiftly developed a pre-screening tool for those concerned about potential symptoms of COVID-19.

( Download the app to access or visit the website )


This prominent but infamous appointment-booking service responded with their own screening solution, handily accessed via their website (with no need to download the app).

( Visit the tool here )

BetterConsult by HealthShare

Although not a direct-to-consumer service, this pre-consultation tool has implemented a COVID-19 screening module for patients attending a practice.

(Visit the website )

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