⚰️ Australian Healthtech Graveyard ☠️

Back in 2020BC (Before Covid), we took a deep reflective look at our content and noted there was a lot of fanfare but not so much coverage of the valiant (or sometimes not) failures of Australian healthtech. So we knocked up a piece called Extinct Aussie Healthtech Startups.

Since then we got back on the cheerleading squad and felt it appropriate to again add some balance to the reality of the startup world.

As true as "success leaves clues" is, so can be the opposite, and if you are going to progress in the Games of Thrones-style healthtech battle, you must learn from those that did not make it.

Here is our next summary of three companies that are now resting in healthtech heaven (or hell?).


Back in 2015 one of the emerging buzzwords in healthtech was blockchain. And those with already bulging pockets smelt a quick win.

Founded by Nick Curtis, a former mining magnate turned healthcare executive, the premise involved a personal health record (PHR) on the blockchain that allowed us human folk to store our medical history and even opt-in to sell access to that data for medical research.

The product never really got off the ground and perhaps was a decade too early, succumbing to low profile death in 2019.


SidelinesDr first appeared on the scene in 2017 aiming to equip Doctors to act superbly in the case of a concussion or in injury to an athlete.

Founded by Dr Alice Pearlman, a Medical Doctor herself, the mobile platform showed early promise, it gained Accelerator experience but in 2020 made the choice to disband.


This Melbourne-based personal health record product set out to ensure patients had access to, and could share, their medical records to their treating healthcare professionals, particularly for chronic health conditions.

Crafted by “Technologist” Nigel Ball, the technology failed to gain traction before fading into the ether.

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