• Terry Cornick

Australia's Healthtech Landscape 2020

#healthtech #healthcare #australia

Regularly we at Doctology bring you a visual Landscape Snapshot of different types of service, startup or product across the healthcare sector.

This week, we have updated our hugely popular 2019 version of Australia's Healthtech Landscape. It's no understatement to say this was the most challenging yet to produce.

To be clear, this is not going to be a 100% accurate or current Landscape, given the nature of how quickly the sector moves, and there will be experts out there that can add to this.

We have also tried to stick to the general rule that if a Doctor has some potential use of the technology, then it made it (there will be other maps this year from perspectives of other healthcare professionals).

Some organisations or services may rightly lay claim to multiple sections of this landscape, but for practical purposes they appear in the one most relevant to them as we found it.

For the same practical reason, some sections have been amalgamated with ones more or less similar to each other, and may have organisations and services that are not competitors, therefore they are broader in context.

There are of course numerous other ways you could create a healthtech landscape, being led by the disease (diabetes, cancer), or medical specialty (surgery, general practice,), level of care (primary, tertiary), type of care (mental health, aged care, home care), the tech used (VR, AI, AR) or user (patient, doctor), with many more options too.

Ultimately, and hopefully, this is a valuable, high-level resource for all interested in healthtech and healthcare.

And if you want a higher-res copy, send an email to terry@doctology.com.au

Cheers, Terry

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