🧠 Doctorpreneurs: Dr Mary Gregory 💻

What organisation / startup did you found?


What is its noble purpose? To increase access to mental health support.

Tell us about the first 10 years of your life?

I was born in the United States and moved with my parents to New Zealand.

I always wanted more in life and so found New Zealand too isolated. I spent a lot of my time on computers which has served me well in my current business.

With school work I struggled until I attended University and excelled.

What age were you when you had your first paying job? What was it? At 15 years I had a job mailing exams at a University.

What made you want to be a Doctor? Why? I enjoy talking to people and helping others.

What made you want to be an Entrepreneur or follow an alternative route? When exactly did you decide?

I decided when my daughters were born as I wanted more flexibility and control of my time.

Are you still practicing now? If yes, do you intend to stop if the organisation or project takes off?

Yes I am still a practising Clinical Psychologist.

Why do you think traditionally many healthcare professionals struggle with entrepreneurship? Or at least they are perceived to?

You get business helping people and you use a lot of your creative energy to help individuals that you forget to look at the bigger picture.

What is your favourite quote?

"Connectedness has the power to counterbalance adversity".

Dr Bruce Perry.

What would you do in the event of a Zombie Apocalypse?

Run a mindfulness group to keep everyone calm.

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