👨‍💻 Doctors That Code: Dr Tony Stewart 🦠

Medical Specialty(ies):

Medical Epidemiologist / Public Health Physician, Assistant Surgeon.

Current Job(s):

Rolling out an agile API to support the reporting of COVID vaccine reporting to the Australian Immunisation Register (AIR); and a bit of surgical assisting.

Why do you think Doctors make good coders/developers/programmers?:

Great software is written by people who can see it from both sides, from the perspective of the user and how they want software to behave; and from the point of view of a developer who needs to make that happen seamlessly and beautifully.

What interests you about tech?:

I love the application of technology to real world problems - like the pandemic where I worked on a near-realtime dashboard for the Victorian Aged Care response; and on tools for visualising chains of Ebola transmission in the West Africa outbreak.

I lead two software businesses, CESoft.com.au a cloud based billing app for Anaesthetists and Assistant Surgeons; and Claiming.com.au a B2B API for software vendors who need connectivity to AIR and Medicare.

Which parts of healthcare do you think will be the most impacted by healthtech in 2021 and beyond?:

The convergence of multiple data sources is both exciting and challenging. Innovation must be balanced with the management of privacy and security.

The coronavirus pandemic has brought into sharp focus the need to have an agile and robust approach to tech solutions in emergencies.

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