👩🏾‍⚕️ Doctors That Code: Syeda Ismat Farjana 👩🏽‍💻

Medical Specialty: Medical Officer (MBBS).

Current Job: Software Engineer at ReadyTeacher (Melbourne).

Why do you think Doctors make good coders/developers/programmers?:

A Doctor?:

- Helps people by solving their health-related problem

- Talks to the patient

- Searches for the origin of the diseases by asking questions and collects data

- Let's the patient know what treatment methods are available to get better

- Applies a different approach to cure the diseases

- Handles life-dependent situations with a calm mind so the patient gets the best possible treatment depending on the circumstance

- Studies every day to keep themselves updated regarding the sector of specialty

- A team worker with other healthcare professionals of the system

A Programmer / Developer?:

- Helps people by solving a real-life problem that is solvable by writing a program

- Talks to Product Manager or client to understand the requirement

- Finds out what a client's requirements by asking questions

- Lets the client know how much of the requirements can be done in reality

- Keeps updating their knowledge and skills by learning new technologies

- Works in a team with the other members of the company

Considering the facts mentioned above (and more) a doctor and a programmer work in an environment that has similar patterns. Both professionals are dedicated to helping the people who need it, plus the hardworking research mentality, problem-solving skill, and the ability to keep calm in the hardest situation can make a Doctor a good Developer.

What interests you about tech?:

Tech gives us the promise of huge possibility. With the development of technology, life can get easier and better. We are still in a pandemic situation where people can work from home because of tech.

Tech has a huge impact on every aspect of day to day life and lets us solve problems as well as having scope of error handling that helps to create more effective solutions for problems.

Which parts of healthcare do you think will be the most impacted by healthtech in 2021?

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, we have already observed the progress of the healthtech industry.

Telehealth, e-prescription and online booking systems are now in action at the mass level. Different wearable health trackers are working on huge data collection that is being used to build a strong AI to help diagnose diseases.

Furthermore radiology is getting smarter to increase the rate of routine scanning and lots more, and I think the field of early disease diagnosis is improving every day.

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