• Terry Cornick

🌌 Event: Space Health Symposium 🚀

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When is it?

Monday 5 October and Tuesday 6 October 2020.

Where is it?

Online via Zoom.


The words of Dr Rowena Christansen:

“How to thrive, not just survive”

That human space exploration is both expensive and dangerous is a given, but it also represents a unique set of circumstances where human beings are totally dependent on what is provided for them in order to be able to survive. However, as the good health (both physical and psychological) of expeditioners is essential for the success of the mission, spacefarers “need to thrive, not just survive”. vAs such, a strong human rights and governance infrastructure is necessary to support this.

To celebrate World Space Week 2020 the ad astra vita project and Mars Society Australia have joined forces to present an inaugural Australian virtual Space Health Symposium (including Human Rights in the Space Environment).

In conjunction with the Jus Ad Astra project, we are excited to feature Human Rights in the Space Environment during two sessions – the last session on Day 1 (which will include an interactive workshop) and the first session on Day 2 (which will include a panel Q&A).

As the theme of World Space Week this year is #satellites improve life, we will also be offering some sessions on Space4Health.

Members of the Australasian space life sciences and space law communities are especially invited to participate, but wherever you are in the world, you are welcome. The program will run 12 hours a day in order to cover all major time zones. University students are welcome!


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