Foxo: Cutting through Email in healthcare

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The powerful clinical messaging tool has a new take on direct communication.

Brisbane, Australia - 27 May 2020 - While the world was sheltering from the recent pandemic, the real-time messaging app Foxo, a communications channel between verified users and clinical teams lost its squeaky teenage voice and grew to an exhaustive interoperable platform.

The vision is to seamlessly connect specialists, referrers, allied health, administration and other professionals from public and private healthcare sectors. The most recent development allows users to join and follow organisations from the desktop or mobile app. This feature adds another layer to the platform streamlining the information distribution between management and staff via a new broadcasting feature.

“Email is dead. It’s antiquated, a dated system that only creates stress and noise. Group emails and reply alls are a huge contributor to this and rarely deliver the right message at the right time. The problem with email is cut through, how do you get that critical piece of information to your entire staff quickly and efficiently without it getting buried in an already overloaded inbox?” said Luke Fletcher, the CEO and co-designer of Foxo.

The recent pandemic shows concerning trends in the UK and the US where unsecure consumer communication tools such as Facebook and WhatsApp have been temporarily allowed into the clinical setting to solve wide-reaching information distribution. The fallback to such platforms is indicative of rising global demand for purpose-built communication for the healthcare sector where less comprehensive alternatives pose risks to data integrity, accountability, and inhibit information distribution via siloed systems.

About Foxo Technology

Foxo Technology is an Australian Health Tech startup changing the way Healthcare teams connect and enterprise organisations do business. The Company’s cloud-based communication platform can be deployed across any Healthcare organisation (private or public) in minutes. Integrations into leading healthcare systems can be configured on the spot to ensure seamless information transfer beyond siloed systems.

Foxo is a proud fundraising partner with Doctors Without Borders.

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