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🏥 GP Telemedicine Training Course - 1+2 Aug 📱

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Since the onset of COVID-19 telehealth / telemedicine has skyrocketed in use. Even the proponents would concede perhaps it was too fast for GPs to learn the skills needed to truly deliver a great patient experience and outcome.

This is where a group of dynamic Doctors and healthcare professionals stepped in to create the GP Telemedicine Training Course, held on 1 and 2 August 2020 online.

In their own words:

Two recent telehealth webinars alone generated 500+ questions regarding telemedicine and effective online consultations by health practitioners. We heard real concerns from GPs about whether GPs are adequately prepared for the world of telemedicine during and post-COVID19:

  • “Is there a do’s and don’ts list for telehealth?”

  • “How do I do a really great telehealth consult?”

  • “Are there special techniques to assess physical attributes remotely?”

  • “I have found remote consulting far more exhausting than face to face – any thoughts on managing that?”

  • “My biggest issue is prescriptions, pathology and radiology forms. How to prescribe? How to send to patients?”

  • “How to set up the consult to be a good experience for the patient?”

  • “What technology platform is safe and easy to use for the clinician and patient?”

  • “How should the clinical workflow be designed? When should someone be required to come into the practice and have a physical consult?”

This program is designed to give you the skills and knowledge to deliver GP telemedicine in a safe and expert way.

At the end of the program, you will be able to:

  • Select the most appropriate technology for conducting telemedicine consultations.

  • Design and implement a workflow and logistics to establish telemedicine at the practice level, including how to prescribe and refer patients for tests and specialist consultations.

  • Conduct a quality, safe and effective telemedicine consultation, including communication and messaging to the patient, performing a physical examination remotely, taking a history, using images, and managing emergencies.

  • Know when a patient's condition can be managed safely via telemedicine and when they should be referred for face to face physical examination, using telemedicine clinical guidelines.

  • Identify regulatory and medico-legal aspects of telemedicine, including privacy, consent, and billing.

To register for the course head to https://telemedtraining.com.au/

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