• Terry Cornick

Landscape Snapshot: Aged / Home / Community Care Tech Australia

Regularly we bring you a visual Landscape Snapshot of different types of service, startup or product across healthcare and related sectors.

This time we are bringing you the Aged Care / Home Care / Community Care Tech Sector in Australia (bit of a mouthful I know).

Cheers and enjoy!


Aged Care / Home Care / Community Care Tech Sector in Australia

Hayylo - https://www.hayylo.com/

Home Care Heroes - https://homecareheroes.com.au/

YourLink - http://www.yourlink.com.au/

AbleFinder - http://www.ablefinder.com.au/

Newly - https://app.newly.com.au/

Loop+ - https://www.loopplus.com.au/

Five Good Friends - https://www.fivegoodfriends.com.au/

Polixen - https://polixen.com/

Kynd - https://kynd.care/

Billy - https://www.billycare.com/

DailyCare - https://www.dailycare.com.au/

Umps Health - https://www.umpshealth.com/

Conpago - https://conpago.com.au/

Gabriel - http://gabrielcares.com/home-care/

Care Konnect - https://care-konnect.com/

Mable - https://mable.com.au/

Careapp - https://www.careapp.com.au/

Icosian - https://icosian.io/

Kalinga - https://www.kalingahealth.com.au/

Sofihub - https://sofihub.com/

Lumin - https://mylumin.org/