Landscape Snapshot: Healthcare Tech Australia

#healthtech #healthcare #australia

Regularly we will be bringing you a visual Landscape Snapshot of different types of service, startup or product across healthcare. This week we cover Healthcare Tech in Australia.

My perfectionism and lack of never finding perfection (or knowing really what that is) has meant I could go on endlessly adding any healthtech-related company and still not be finished. Therefore this list is not endless and categorising accurately is terribly difficult.

This is my effort to give you a 1-pager snapshot, with some caveats at the bottom of this page.

If you can think of any others that warrant being on a future version of this please fire away suggestions to

Cheers and enjoy!



1) Doctors use / can use/ influence them in some way

2) Australian-based/founded or do majority of work here

3) Most are Primary Care / Chronic Disease focussed

4) No wellness / medical devices / hospital equipment / aged care / mental health / allied health / biotechs / clinical trials (but watch this space)

5) Available for use now in some form (most I believe)

6) Some belong in multiple segments but for practical reasons are in one

7) Broad range of size & status eg. startup, scale-up & larger

8) Some utilise AI / VR / AR / Blockchain - including Vantari VR / Quro / Doclink / E-Nome / ScalaMed