• Terry Cornick

Landscape Snapshot: Largest Primary Care / GP Providers Australia

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Regularly we will be bringing you a visual Landscape Snapshot of different types of service, startup or product across healthcare. This week we cover the Largest Primary Care / General Practice Providers in Australia (10 clinics + each) - you could also call them "corporate" or "group" providers. And all are in the private sector.

You can find a list of them at the bottom of this page.

These snapshots are never exhaustive so if you can think of any others that warrant being on a future version, please fire away suggestions to terry@doctology.com.au

Cheers and enjoy!


List of Largest Primary Care / General Practice Providers in Australia

IPN - https://www.ipn.com.au/

Primary Health Care (Healius) - https://www.primaryhealthcare.com.au/

Fullerton Health - http://www.fullertonhealth.com.au/

Tristar Medical Group - http://www.tristarmedicalgroup.com.au/

SunDoctors - https://sundoctors.com.au/

Ochre Health - https://www.ochrehealth.com.au/

MyHealth Medical Centres - https://myhealth.net.au/

Qualitas Health - https://qualitashealth.com.au/

Jupiter Health and Medical Services - http://www.jupiterhealthservices.com.au/

SmartClinics Family Medical Centres - https://www.smartclinics.com.au/

Medical & Aged Care Group - http://www.maacg.com.au/corporate-overview/medical-division/

Dyvest Health Care - https://www.dyvesthealthcare.com.au/

MyClinic Group - https://www.myclinicgroup.com.au/

Medicross Medical Centres - http://medicross.com.au/

Medical One - https://www.medicalone.com.au/

GPWest - http://www.gpwest.com.au/