Landscape Snapshot: Medical Publications Australia

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Regularly we will be bringing you a visual Landscape Snapshot of different types of service, startup or product across healthcare and related sectors.

This week we cover the Medical Publications sector in Australia. There may be some differing opinions of what is media and what are medical journals but these appear to be the most prominent titles for medical practitioners (many now have paper and online versions).

These snapshots are never exhaustive so if think of any others that warrant being on a future version, please fire away suggestions to

Cheers and enjoy!


Medical Publications in Australia

Australian Doctor (ADG publication) -

Medical Observer (ADG publication) -

6minutes (ADG publication) -

The Medical Republic -

Australian Family Physician (AFP) (RACGP publication) -

Medicine Today -

thelimbic -

Medical Forum -

Australian Medicine (AMA publication) -

Medical Journal of Australia (MJA) (AMA publication) -