• Terry Cornick

Landscape Snapshot: Medicinal Cannabis Australia

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Regularly we will be bringing you a visual Landscape Snapshot of different types of service, startup or product across healthcare and related sectors.

This week we cover the Medicinal Cannabis market in Australia.

These snapshots are never exhaustive so if think of any others that warrant being on a future version, please fire away suggestions to terry@doctology.com.au

Cheers and enjoy!


List Medicinal Cannabis market players in Australia


Althea Company - www.althea.com.au

Aruma Labs Holdings - www.arumalabs.com.au

AusCann Group Holdings - www.auscann.com.au

CBT Labs (Cannatrek Medical) - www.cannatrek.com.au

Cyrelian - www.cyrelian.com

GD Pharma - www.gdpharma.com.au

Medcan Australia - www.medcanaustralia.com.au

MEDIFARM - www.medifarm.com.au

MedReleaf Australia - www.medreleafaustralia.com.au

Tasmanian Alkaloids - www.tasalk.com.au

Tasmanian Botanics - www.tasmanianbotanics.com.au

TCann - tcann.com.au


Adelaide Compounding Pharmacy (INT) - www.adelaidecompounding.com.au

Anspec - www.anspec.com.au

Bod Australia - www.bodaustralia.com

Burleigh Heads Cannabis - www.burleighheadscannabis.com

Cann Group - www.canngrouplimited.com

Cannatrek Medical - www.cannatrek.com.au

Greenfield Medicinal Cannabis - www.greenfieldmc.com.au

Health House International - www.healthhouse.com.au

Herba Healthcare Australia - www.herbahealthcare.com.au

HL Pharma - www.hlpharma.com.au

iX Biopharma - www.ixbiopharma.com

Medcan Australia - www.medcanaustralia.com.au

Medicinal Organic Cannabis Australia (MOCA) - www.medicinalorganiccannabis.org

Medlab Clinical - www.medlab.co

Novachem - www.novachem.com.au

Pharmacann - www.pharmacann.com

Pharmaceutical Packaging Professionals - www.pharmpackpro.com

Pro Pharmaceuticals Group - www.propg.com.au

The Cannabis Company - www.cannabiscompany.com.au

Clinics / Education

Emerald Clinics - www.emeraldclinics.com.au

Cannabis Access Clinics - www.cannabisaccessclinics.com.au

Cannvalate - www.cannvalate.com.au

Medical Cannabis Clinic Australia - www.cannabisaccessclinics.com.au

Medihuanna - www.medihuanna.com