Landscape Snapshot: Radiology Services in Australia

Regularly we bring you a visual Landscape Snapshot of different types of service, startup or product across healthcare and related sectors.

This week we cover the top providers from the Radiology Services Sector in Australia (Private Sector).

These snapshots are never exhaustive so if think of any others that warrant being on a future version, please fire away suggestions to

Cheers and enjoy!


Radiology Services in Australia - Private

I-Med Radiology Network -

Regional Imaging -

MIA Radiology -

Sonic Healthcare -

Castlereagh Imaging -

Queensland X-Ray -

Hunter Imaging Group -

Illawarra Radiology Group -

SKG Radiology -

Healius -

Healthcare Imaging Group -

Queensland Diagnostic Imaging -

Integral Diagnostics -

Global Diagnostics -

Lake Imaging -

SRG Radiology (NZ) -

South Coast Radiology -

Trinity MRI (NZ) -

Capital Radiology -

Qscan Radiology -

North Coast Radiology Group -

Berera Radiology -

Universal Medical Imaging -

PRP Diagnostic Imaging -

Benson Radiology -