• Terry Cornick

Landscape Snapshot: Telehealth / Online Consult Services Australia

Regularly we bring you a visual Landscape Snapshot of different types of service, startup or product across healthcare and related sectors.

Today we bring you the updated version of our Telehealth / Telemedicine / Online Consult Services in Australia.

As always, there may be conjecture as to what services qualify, and services I have missed, so feel free to suggest additions or request a hi-res copy by emailing terry@doctology.com.au

Cheers and enjoy!


Telehealth / Telemedicine / Online Consult Services in Australia

Access Telehealth - https://accesstelehealth.com.au/

Akero Health - https://akero.com.au/

Attend Anywhere - https://www.attendanywhere.com/

Call My Doctor - https://www.callmydoctor.com.au/

Call To Mind - https://calltomind.com.au/

Care Connected - https://careconnected.com.au/

Conduit Health - https://www.conduithealth.com.au/

Coviu - https://www.coviu.com/

Cyber Clinic - https://cyberclinic.com.au/

Dermo Direct - https://dermodirect.com.au/

Docto - http://www.docto.com.au/

Doctoroo - https://www.doctoroo.com.au/

Doctors on Demand / QuickScript - https://www.doctorsondemand.com.au/

Dokotela - https://dokotela.com.au/

GP2U - https://gp2u.com.au/

HealthBank - https://www.healthbank.io/

HotHealth (Global-Health) - https://www.hothealth.com/

Instant Consult - https://www.instantconsult.com.au/

Instant Scripts - https://www.instantscripts.com.au/

Lysn - https://welysn.com/

Medic Relief - https://medicrelief.com/

Medical Certificate Online - https://www.medicalcertificateonline.com.au/

Medinet - http://medinet.com.au/

MOSH - https://www.getmosh.com.au/

MyEmergencyDr - https://www.myemergencydr.com/

Phonemed - http://phonemed.com.au/

Pilot - https://pilot.com.au/

PSYCH2U - https://psych2u.com.au/

Qoctor - https://www.qoctor.com.au/

Stigma Health - https://stigmahealth.com/

Swiftdoc - https://www.swiftdoc.com/

Teladoc Health - https://teladochealth.com/en-AU/

Teledermatologist - https://teledermatologist.com.au/

Telepsychiatrist.Online - https://telepsychiatrist.online/

URBANDoc - https://www.urban-doc.com/

Virtual Psychologist - http://virtualpsychologist.com.au/

Welio -

Visionflex Telhealth - https://visionflex.com.au/