Part 2: Australian Healthtech & Coronavirus

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Last week we covered five examples of Australian healthtech companies that have reacted to the Coronavirus / COVID-19 pandemic by creating services or products that can make life a little easier right now for patients and clinicians.

It seems there are many more doing their best to offer a solution, so here are three more examples:


Brisbane-based WeKoGP have created a tool to attempt to curb the COVID-19 spread. Their solution cross compares your known locations with that of coronavirus cases, notifying you in real-time if you are at risk. Potentially before symptoms start:

( Visit to the tool here: )


Practice management software service Cliniko is adding a previously-unplanned telelhealth function to its service. They are famously big supporters of remote work, given their employees are based across the world, and they are due to keep true to this for their customers shortly:

( Find out more here: )


With multiple products under its belt on offer to clinical practices, Healthsite have strengthened their appointment booking service by adding their own screening tool:

( Find out more here: )

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