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Part 3: Australian Healthtech & Coronavirus

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Over the past week, in two separate posts, we covered examples of Australian healthtech companies that have reacted to the Coronavirus / COVID-19 pandemic by creating services or products that can make life a little easier right now for patients and clinicians.

As time passes, more companies are reacting. Here is our third edition and three more examples:

It seems there are many more doing their best to offer a solution, so here are three more examples:


Melbourne-based Healthsite pride themselves on having a full-suite of products for their customers, "a complete digital solution for your clinic". A frantic spurt of development and creativity over the past week or so has meant that they can now offer telehealth through their platform, a product they previously did not have:

( Find out more here: https://www.healthsite.com.au/healthsite-launches-telehealth/ )


Clinical trial matching platform HealthMatch has had a productive year or so. Off the back of some key funding late last year, they have continued this momentum. With the advent of COVID-19, HealthMatch "has developed a COVID-19 Clinical Trial Tracking page, so you can keep up to date with the latest clinical trial breakthroughs".:

( Find out more here: https://healthmatch.io/covid )

Surgical Partners

Medical administration for any clinical practice is daunting and excessive. And that's just the financial part. Sydney-based Surgical Partners has handed a lifeline to those practices to ease some of their ensuing burden, by managing for free the accounting reconciliation and doctor revenue for three months.

( Find out more here: http://blog.surgicalpartners.com.au/free-help-to-medical-practices-supporting-patients-through-the-covid-19-pandemic )

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