• Megan Capriccio

♀️ Part Two: FemTech + Sex Tech 💋

To continue with our FemTech series, we will explore Sexual Health & Wellness and SexTech products. Particularly in 2020 when social distancing was mandatory, advances in SexTech have accelerated towards incredible growth.

SexTech is technology and technology-driven ventures that are designed to enhance, innovate, and disrupt human sexual health and wellness experiences.

Although SexTech has endured much criticism over its history, the industry was estimated at USD$30 billion in 2017 and is projected to be a USD$123 billion industry by 2026. No matter the taboos that surround SexTech and Sexual Health and Wellness products, it is clear that the industry is here to stay.



Coral is an application that allows you to achieve your best intimate life through a mix of science, stories, and practical exercises created by experts.

Coral aims to deepen connections through achieving greater intimacy with your partner and learning how to live in the moment. The app also allows you to discover new frontiers of enjoyment and reap many benefits of a healthy sex life. And maybe most importantly, with Coral, users learn how to feel great in their body while better understanding what they want and how to ask for it.



Rosewell provides high-quality and beautifully designed intimacy and sexual wellness products. Roswell approaches its products with core considerations for inclusive features and ungendered product functions.

Roswell sexual health and wellness products are easy to use, encourage tailored use, and are thoughtfully produced with your experience in mind.



The team at Handi are on a mission to carry out the W.H.O.’s mandate that sexual pleasure is a human right. For people with disabilities, there are many hand limitations that prevent individuals from engaging in sexual pleasure on their own, therefore, Handi is the first line of sex toys that are made for, and by those, with hand limitations.

Even better, a percentage of profits will be dedicated to funding disability-driven design and innovation. Although not strictly for women, we thought it was worth highlighting how technology can address intersectionality while improving the sexual health and wellness of its users.

Megan Capriccio is a FemTech industry expert, serial entrepreneur, and the Co-Founder of FemTech Collective.

If you are interested in learning more about women’s health technology, visit FemTech Collective.

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