Physicianaries: Dr Alan Jones

This week's Physicianary is Dr Alan Jones.

With a natural aversion for pushing the boundaries, Alan has juggled successfully his passions and professional talents, from flying across the country to treat skin cancer in remote areas, to flying the globe to represent his country and profession at the "beautiful game".

What specialty in Medicine did you choose? Why?

Initially General Practice. I started my own two practices when I was finishing my Fellowship.

I always liked general medicine, autonomy, business development and marketing. I then moved to Skin Cancer Medicine as I really enjoy surgery.

Name the Doctor that had been most inspiring or had the most impact on your career?

I have generally sailed my own boat but in recent times, I have sat in theatre with Dr Dan Kennedy, a plastic surgeon who has his own day theatre in Brisbane.

I refer him my most complex cases and he provides clinical / surgical advice whilst I am out travelling.

How did you come up with the idea of the Flying Skin Cancer Doctor?

For many years I have and still do contract to Skin Patrol who provide onsite corporate skin cancer checks. I decided to combine this concept with surgical management onsite and this has taken me much more into rural community settings.

Tell us about the impact of the Docceroos soccer team that you founded?

I founded the Docceroos 16 years ago and since this time, I have travelled overseas every year representing our national team in The World Medical Football Championships.

We have assembled an amazing tournament with around 22 teams competing each year and we have built an amazing community of like minded doctors all united by the world's greatest game.

I have been fortunate to travel all corners of the globe along the way and have met some amazing people along the way.

If there was one superpower you think a Doctor needed the most right now, what would it be?

The superpower most necessary to successful clinical practice is the ability to market yourself to your patients through a variety of means: good personal intercommunication, sound clinical knowledge and general marketing (in particular social media).

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