Physicianaries: Dylan Appelqvist

This week's Physicianary is Dylan Appelqvist.

Dylan is a 3rd year post graduate medical student studying in Sydney at the University of Notre dame.

He shares his life as a medical student on Instagram and YouTube, providing insights and tips for those interested in pursuing medicine as a career or just curious about the process of becoming a doctor in Australia.

What specialty in Medicine, if any, will you choose? Why?

Still unsure but will hopefully have a better idea through my clinical years of medical school, which I have just started. I like paediatrics as I currently work with kids as a paediatric sleep technician but I am keeping an open mind.

Name the Doctor that has been most inspiring or had the most impact on your career?

Even though I was never fortunate enough to meet him, Dr Chris O’Brien.

I worked at Chris O’Brien Lifehouse (cancer hospital) as a theatre orderly before I applied to get into medical school and still work there today. The culture of the hospital is built around Dr O’Brien's vision of a patient centred facility and it is here that I solidified my decision to pursue medicine and learnt what it means to be a good health care worker and to care for patients and their families.

Who is your favourite fictional Doctor character from TV / movies etc?

Doctor Strange (Not the ego but the superpowers are cool 😝 #timeloop).

You are technically an "influencer" in the Instagram world and a huge help to Medical Students studying for their GAMSAT - what made you start this?

Uggghh, the “I” word 😝. I don’t think I will ever get used to the “influencer” label but nevertheless I enjoy the platform. I struggled to get into medical school, sitting the GAMSAT 8 times before being accepted.

During my time trying to get into medicine I looked to social media for inspiration, finding it on Instagram and YouTube. Now that I have achieved my dreams I want to help others with similar aspirations. I also love the Instagram community and have met so many like minded people and have made lifelong friends though the platform.

If there was one superpower you think a Doctor needed the most right now, what would it be?

Teleportation! Time is of the essence and I am sure it would speed up ward rounds; although would probably terrify patients and their families when doctors appear out of thin air. It would also save me from Sydney traffic 😝.

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