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Welcome to the next post in our series of Product Snapshots in the Australian healthtech sector.

With new technologies comes reimagined medical care.

Introducing 4DMedical - "The Future of Lung Health".

With the worsening COVID-19 situation and the second wave of continual cases in Australia, 4DMedical believes there will be an increase in demand for respiratory health assessments.

Here is all you need to know about 4DMedical's latest medical technology.

What is 4DMedical?

Australian MedTech company, 4DMedical, formerly known as 4Dx focuses on creating non-invasive respiratory imaging solutions, supporting physicians in the effective identification and treatment of patients suffering from respiratory diseases.

What industry challenges is 4D Medical tackling?

4DMedical is on a mission to improve global lung health by adopting unique and non-invasive technologies, enabling insight into pulmonary function, critical to the analysis and management of respiratory illnesses.

What makes 4DMedical unique in the market?

The XV technology adopts a unique lung imaging modality to respiratory care by using the SaaS (Software-as-a-Service) business model. This means no special equipment or software needs to be purchased or installed.

The technology uses current hospital imaging systems, where X-ray images are taken simultaneously, from multiple acquisition angles. The imaging process is adapted from concepts in aerospace engineering.

With this approach, 4DMedical is able to address the concerns of poor quality information and limited diagnostic tools available to physicians and patients. XV Technology delivers high-quality information, enabling physicians to improved healthcare, through better and safer decision making.

What does success look like for 4DMedical?

4DMedical success is focused on reaching the Australian and US market with significant potential for opportunities of the adoption of lung imaging technologies.

With goals to expand into the US and Australian market, they aim to continue conducting clinical research, development, and commercialisation of the technology as part of their growth strategy.

Not only is the company covering COVID-19 but they are looking to address all areas of lung health using advanced technology.

Why should customers use 4DMedical?

XV technology embraces a new lung imaging modality, one that is seamless to set up, efficient and safe.

With a Saas delivery model, there is no need for any special equipment or software to be purchased or installed.

The technology is also safe as it uses multiple images from a limited number of angles resulting in a drop in radiation than CT scans. The process is captured at a quick rate, with higher sensitivity, in a matter of seconds, and also provides opportunities to do follow-up scans.

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