🍏 Product Snapshot: Aged Care Epicure 👴🏻

In one sentence, describe your product?

Epicure guides your home to 5 star performance around food, nutrition and dining experience with our team and ongoing assessment and transformation toolkit.

What industry challenge is Aged Care Epicure tackling?

Aged Care Food, Nutrition and Dining Experience. Aged care food is the industry's number one issue. 50% of aged care residents are malnourished - most of these cases are preventable.

Malnutrition leads to poor health outcomes, reduced quality of life and premature death. Addressing malnutrition with Aged Care Epicure results in improved care outcomes, significant cost savings and improved quality of life for the residents we serve.

What makes Aged Care Epicure unique in the market?

Epicure is backed by eight years of action-based research and industry co-design through The Lantern Project - Australia's largest Multidisciplinary Community of Practice.

It is the most comprehensive assessment, toolkit and excellence star rating in this space. We are endorsed by LASA and ACSA, are expert advisors for the Australian Aged Care Quality and Safety Commission and have recently presented Epicure during our Keynote Speech as the global solution to to problem of aged care food at the Department of Health's National Congress of Aged Care Food, Nutrition and Dining Experience.

What is the biggest risk to the company?

Aged Care Providers who do not value the fundamental importance of aged care food and nutrition.

What does success look like for Aged Care Epicure?

All aged care providers accessing Epicure to improve the quality of care across their resident population.

Why should a customer use Aged Care Epicure?

We improve quality of care whilst reducing cost of care. We have demonstrated Epicure across aged care providers nationally and have led industry discussion and action-based research in this space.

How can we find out more?


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