🦷 Product Snapshot: AirSmile 😬

Welcome to the next post in our series of Product Snapshots in the Australian healthtech sector.

Say hello to AirSmile.

In one sentence, describe your product?

A game-changing digital marketplace where patients can request and store their records, treatment plans and data then match these to a dentist by comparing reviews, prices, and convenience - then book online.

What industry challenge is AirSmile tackling?

Dentistry has many pain points for many people - trust is at the core of most of these. AirSmile is delivering dentistry to the modern, digitally enabled consumer in a way that they have come to expect from most of the services they interact with. Dentistry has yet to truly make this step and see the advantages of the empowered consumer.

Dentists will no longer have the pressure to discuss finance or have "shopper" consultations that are time consuming and frustrating. Consultations are typically the most unproductive appointments for dentists - this will streamline them, filter suitability, and ensure conversion to loyal patients that are motivated to proceed with treatment.

What makes AirSmile unique in the market?

AirSmile is a digital platform that enables patients to gain control of their own oral health care by simple auto request and store of their existing records, search for a dentist based on what's important to them, and book online. Current treatment plans can be scanned in from their device and compared to dentists within the system.

AirSmile will deliver patients to a dentist who are much more likely to proceed with treatment and ensure the productivity of the dental practice is optimum.

What is the biggest risk to your company?

AirSmile will change the way dental patients seek out care - it is a new behaviour. The biggest risk could be the slow transition to this inevitable digital shift.

What does success look like for AirSmile?

AirSmile being a trusted brand within the community and the "go to" to ensure they are making the right decision when it comes to their dental care needs. We hope to better connect patients with dentists so the industry can further improve its trusted status within the community.

We seek to deliver high quality patients to dental practices at a much lower acquisition cost compared to traditional marketing options.

Why should a customer use AirSmile?

To ensure they are making the right choice of dental practitioner based on what they feel is important - whether that be skill level or ensuring they are getting good value. This will give transparency of care and empower the patient to make better decisions.

Dentists that subscribe will be delivered motivated patients, with their records accessible, highly likely to stay loyal to their business - and for a lower cost than traditional methods.

How do we find out more about AirSmile?


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