📲 Product Snapshot: Ally Health📝

Welcome to the next post in our series of Product Snapshots in the Australian healthtech sector.

Say hello to Ally Health.

In one sentence, describe your product?

Ally is a therapy companion app that has been designed to help people get started, track their journey, and get the most out of therapy.

What industry challenge is Ally Health tackling?

Millions of people access therapy every year in Australia. However one-third of Australians don not make it past two sessions. Attending therapy is hard, people lack knowledge of what is involved and are not supported to stick with and engage in their treatment.

This is a costly problem not just for the person attending therapy, but also for Governments where treatment is publicly funded (i.e Australia), insurance companies, and therapists who struggle to retain and engage clients for more than two sessions.

What makes Ally Health unique in the market?

The current trend in digital mental health is largely focused on creating new digital forms of treatment that mimic what happens in therapy. Ally is unique in that we do not provide treatment instead we complement existing forms of evidence-based therapy and help people maximise the effectiveness of it.

What is the biggest risk to the company?

Being able to build positive relationships with doctors and therapists, who have the power to introduce people to Ally at different stages of their journey and help us scale our impact.

What does success look like for Ally Health?

People use Ally to engage with therapy like they do with physical fitness – proactively, positively and openly – leading to increased adherence in therapy and positive health outcomes.

Why should a customer use Ally Health?

Staying engaged with therapy is hard, in much the same way that staying engaged with physical fitness is.

To stick with therapy for 10 sessions or more requires a real commitment. You need to understand it, you need to believe in the benefits, you need to set goals and track progress, you need to build new skills and you need to practice what you are learning.

Ally makes this easier. We help in two key areas:

1. Onboarding - making sure that people are set up for success at the start of their journey by increasing their knowledge of what therapy is all about.

2. Engagement - making sure that people play an active, not passive role in therapy. We help them form new behaviours like preparing for sessions, capturing notes, reflecting and practising what they have learnt.

We want to make people’s experience with therapy as seamless, impactful and enjoyable as possible so that engaging with it becomes a sustainable practice, with better long-term results.

How do we find out more?

Download Ally on iOS - https://apple.co/36XOX4q

Website - www.allyhealth.com.au

Follow Ally on Instagram - http://instagram.com/allyhealthapp

Video - https://youtu.be/pT7NPUFc_P0

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