📲 Product Snapshot: Arli 🫂

Addiction has long been fraught with shame and a poor social perception, be it drugs, alcohol and now even seemingly "healthy" pursuits.

Treatment is usually reactive and staying on the right path to progress and recovery is notoriously difficult. But with the "remote control to our lives" in our pockets, there are now digital solutions that aim to be there with us, supporting 24/7.

Let's find our more about Arli.

In one sentence, describe your product?

Recovery through connection.

What industry challenge is Arli tackling?

Addiction support.

What makes Arli unique in the market?

We instantly connect individuals to community winning their fight with addiction.

No paperwork, no judgement. Just instant help, from people who care.

Safe, secure and private. It is a village of support in your pocket.

What is the biggest risk to the company?

That people feel ashamed about talking about their addiction. There is still a lot of stigma that we as a society need to remove.

What does success look like for Arli?

We want to create the world's largest eco-system of support for those with addiction.

Why should a customer use Arli?

Peer support has been proven to reduce an individual's chance of relapse by having support in the exact moment of need.

This often leads to a decrease in the use of substances or addictive behaviours by learning from others. It also improves hope and positive feelings through relationships created, which leads to an increase in overall satisfaction in your recovery.

Arli Coaches help members track their progress overtime in areas that matter, like lifestyle, health, quality of life and community. Doing so provides the opportunity for them to understand their ups and downs by tracking motivations and triggers and provides them with a pathway to purpose.

How do we find out more?


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