♀️Product Snapshot: Caia 💁🏿‍♀️

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In light of the Femtech movement across the Australian healthtech sector, say hello to Australia's first on-demand wellbeing solution for women and families.

Meet Caia. Take wellness and health back into your own hands.

What is Caia?

Caia, co-founded by one of our Doctopreneur's Dr. Cortina McCurry , is Australia's go-to wellbeing solution for women and their families.

What industry challenges is Caia tackling?

In this day and age, women are busier than ever, some perpetuating building professional careers and businesses while looking to care for children and the elderly.

While this is the case, women can often find themselves "too busy with work", to tend to healthcare needs or in most scenarios, making urgent visits to the doctor when needed. Managing work and healthcare becomes much more difficult, especially during the maternity phases where reproductive and pre-natal support is highly significant.

Caia aims to change this for the better by bringing health and wellness options closer to you through video platforms and mobile applications. It aims to remove the stress and inconvenience for women to easily access healthcare options, with a primary focus on compassionate care.

What makes Caia unique in the market?

Caia purposefully curates experts from all areas of female health from medical professionals, lactation consultants, nutritionists, skin specialists, wellbeing coaches and more. The aim is to support women every step of the way, for every life stage, and for every health condition in women's lives.

It strives to achieve this through technology platforms such as the mobile app , video chats and messages to tackle all these health challenges, bringing support to you sooner than later.

What does success look like for Caia?

Empowering women to take ownership of their wellbeing and health with instant access to high-quality healthcare when they need it throughout various transitions of their life. Furthermore, championing women to lead happier, healthier lives and together build joyful life experiences.

Why should customers use Caia?

To take back control of their health and wellbeing.

Transforming the way they do healthcare through various services such as instant access to a network of women's health experts, prescriptions delivered directly to their door and staying informed at the palm of their hand.

How do we find out more about Caia?


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