💻 Product Snapshot: Claiming.com.au 💸

In one sentence, describe your product?

An elegant API used by other software developers who need to integrate with Medicare, DVA, ECLIPSE and the Australian Immunisation Register.

What industry challenge is Claiming.com.au tackling?

The COVID-19 response requires tools to be developed in record time to track and respond to the pandemic.

What makes Claiming.com.au unique in the market?

We are a secure, authenticated API approved by Medicare / Services Australia for online claiming, verifications, processing and payment reports and the interacting with the Australian Immunisation Register.

What is the biggest risk to the company?

The frequent changes in the health data ecosystem.

What does success look like for Claiming.com.au?

Vendors who have struggled to integrate with online services, who when they come to us can get up and running in weeks rather than the months it was taking.

Why should a customer use Claiming.com.au?

We have secure, authenticated endpoints that are consistent and stable, with easy to read documentation eg. walkthrough.claiming.com.au

How can we find out more?


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