Product Snapshot: Cliniko

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Welcome to the next post in our series of Product Snapshots in the Australian healthtech sector.

Say hello to Cliniko, in the words of Michelle Geslewitz, Growth Marketer.

In one sentence, describe your product?

We create easy-to-use, secure practice management software for allied health professionals around the world.

What industry problem / challenge are you tackling?

We know many of our customers are clinicians and business owners, and Cliniko exists to make their lives easier. It can be used for appointment scheduling, treatment records, invoices, payments, online bookings, and much more.

What is unique about your product in your market?

The team behind Cliniko are committed to making the world a better place and reserve at least 2% of gross subscription revenue for charity.

What is the biggest risk to your company?

Right now? COVID-19, unfortunately! That said, we're about to launch our own telehealth feature within Cliniko which we're really excited about because it will help our customers continue to safely serve their clients.

What does success look like for the company?

Continuous innovation, outstanding service and exceptional user experience.

Why should a health professional use Cliniko? Our customers love us and we love them right back: we strive to provide excellent support and are constantly improving and updating our software, all for a fair price.

How do we find out about Cliniko?

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