📲 Product Snapshot: Connect My Mind 🧠

No category of healthtech has seen a bigger surge of demand in the last year such as telehealth has.

But telehealth can take many forms, online consults with or without video or even just the humble phone. Our next Product Snapshot covers a service with all three.

Welcome to Connect My Mind.

In one sentence, describe your product?

A multimodal psychotherapy platform offering accessible psychological sessions from any device.

What industry challenge is Connect My Mind tackling?

The challenges of poor mental health.

What makes Connect My Mind unique in the market?

Our platform is "person centred" and matches the best practitioner to suit a clients needs thus eliminating time, cost and emotional hardship.

What is the biggest risk to the company?

Stability of internet connection!

What does success look like for Connect My Mind?

To reduce discrimination and for all individuals to have access to the support they deserve and the autonomy and anonymity that goes with it thus assisting clients with disabilities, social anxiety, rural and shift workers.

Why should a customer use Connect My Mind?

To gain access to exceptional support in the comfort of your own home or an environment you know and trust at the time which suits you. No wait lists, no travel time, no waiting rooms.

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