📱 Product Snapshot: Coviu 📺

In one sentence, describe your product?

Coviu is Australia's leading video telehealth solution, powering simple, secure and feature-rich video consultations for healthcare professionals.

What industry challenge is Coviu tackling?

Equity of access to healthcare.

What makes Coviu unique in the market?

Coviu is Australia’s most trusted video telehealth solution, powering secure and feature-rich video consultations. In 2020, 60,000+ Coviu users offered over 3 million healthcare video consultations across the country. Our mission is to improve healthcare accessibility for all, and allow both patients and providers to discover the benefits of video consultations such as cost and time savings, reduced no-shows, improved patient satisfaction and greater flexibility.

Coviu is a web-based solution that fits seamlessly any healthcare business, large or small. Patients simply click a link and are connected to their healthcare provider in a private, online consultation room.

Designed to replicate traditional brick-and-mortar clinics, Coviu’s platform facilitates in-call payments, medicare reimbursements, online appointment bookings, integrations with your practice management systems and more. The platform is also equipped with in-built clinical tools, tailored to your speciality. Share resources, perform clinical assessments, use artificial intelligence diagnostic tools, access on-demand interpreters and more, to optimise your video consultations and patient outcomes.

Coviu is HIPPA compliant and complete with end-to-end and peer-to-peer encryption, keeping sensitive patient data safe.

What is the biggest risk to the company?

Retaining Medicare reimbursements for telehealth items.

What does success look like for Coviu?

Transformation of the healthcare industry towards universal use of video telehealth by practically all healthcare providers.

Why should a customer use Coviu?

- Private & Secure

- Easy For Patients To Use

- Works On Any Device

- Amazing Support

- Keeps Your Staff Safe

- Proudly Australian

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