• Terry Cornick

📈 Product Snapshot: Cubiko 🏥

The nature of running a medical practice has historically been rooted in an overwhelming amount of manual tasks and paperwork.

But in recent years practice owners are realising how rich the data their business generates is priceless, and interpreted in the right way by a simple healthtech tool, can be game-changing.

Read on to find out more about Cubiko.

In one sentence, describe your product?

Cubiko is a Practice Intelligence Platform, bringing together different data points for your practice in easy-to-understand dashboards for business oversight, increased billings and less stress in managing the practice.

What industry challenge is Cubiko tackling?

We are helping practices deliver high-quality healthcare and improve their profit margins despite the financial and clinical challenges of running a medical practice.

Cubiko helps practices make sense of their data, using easy-to-understand dashboards to deliver critical insights that lead to better decisions.

What makes Cubiko unique in the market?

● It includes 12 key metrics addressing the clinical and financial impacts of COVID-19.

● It integrates with over 150 data points from leading systems – Best Practice, Xero, Tanda, etc – so all your data is in one place.

● Cubiko pulls data seamlessly with no manual input required saving you time and hassle.

● The only practice intelligence platform to show patient eligibility of MBS items number based on their billing history, greatly increasing billings for our customers using our item optimisation.

What is the biggest risk to the company?

As a relatively young company, we face many risks every day. We are working hard to ensure that what we deliver in Cubiko delivers maximum benefit to our customers while managing growth in a substantial way. We prioritise above anything else security and privacy in everything we do.

What does success look like for Cubiko?

Our success looks like our customers’ success. When our customers report sleeping easier because their practices are more productive and profitable, we have succeeded.

Why should a customer use Cubiko?

Cubiko is built to save them time and give them the "a-ha" moments they need to build a practice they’re proud of. It turns a confusing mass of data into meaningful insights that improve patient care, staff management and business efficiency.

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