• Terry Cornick

🧾 Product Snapshot: Cutting Edge Software 💵

In one sentence, describe your product?

Simple, cloud-based software for electronic claiming to Medicare, DVA and Health Funds.

What industry challenge is Cutting Edge Software tackling?

The transition of electronic claiming to Medicare Webservices.

What makes Cutting Edge Software unique in the market?

Cutting Edge Software is well suited to health professionals that do not need portable billing solution, such as anaesthetists, surgical assistants and those doing home nursing care or hospital visits.

What is the biggest risk to the company?

The frequent changes in the medical billing ecosystem require constant attention. We manage that behind the scenes so our end users are not affected.

The transition to Webservices is a great example, as our users are largely unaware of the changeover.

What does success look like for Cutting Edge Software?

Happy customers who refer Cutting Edge to their colleagues.

Why should a customer use Cutting Edge Software?

Cutting Edge simple gets the job done and the complexity of medical billing is handled in the background. There is absolute minimum touch-points to get invoices paid.

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