Product Snapshot: Cyber Clinic

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Welcome to the next post in our series of Product Snapshots in the Australian healthtech sector.

Say hello to Cyber Clinic.

In one sentence, describe your product?

Cyber Clinic is an AI driven online mental health clinic providing best-fit access to mental health practitioners from the comfort of your home.

What industry problem / challenge are you tackling?

It is currently very difficult for mental health patients to navigate the mental healthcare system and find quick and easily accessible services suitable for their needs. Cyber Clinic uses data driven algorithms to make this process easier and connect patients with practitioners using secure end-to-end encrypted video technology.

What is unique about your product in your market?

Cyber Clinic is a digital health platform that is patient-focussed and provides patients with information about suitable practitioners for their needs as well as providing information on their progress and how well practitioners are helping them on their treatment journey. It allows patients to move seamlessly between different services such as employer funded, insurance and medicare rebates to get continuum of care no matter where they are located.

What is the biggest risk to your company?

Barriers by the government giving patients direct access to mental health services without the need for a GP referral. There are currently too many touch points for patients to get mental health treatment creating bottlenecks and increased burden on primary health services. If these are removed it will significantly increase uptake on the platform.

What does success look like for the company?

Being able to partner with crises lines like Lifeline, Beyond Blue, Suicide Helplines etc so that patients in distress can be directly referred onto the platform and can connect with a suitable practitioner anywhere in Australia from the comfort of their home. This would ensure patients are getting the right care at the right time with the right person.

Why should a customer use Cyber Clinic? Cyber Clinic provides real-time data driven information on a patients well-being as they go through their treatment journey. It provides valuable insights on how well engaged they are with a practitioner which increases clinical outcomes and overall wellbeing. It simplifies the process of finding suitable treatment all in the palm of their hands through an intuitive App.

How do we find out about Cyber Clinic?

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