👨‍🦯 Product Snapshot: eHAB 🤳

In one sentence, describe your product?

NeoRehab is the first clinically-validated telerehabilitation solution for Allied Health Professionals and their patients. Anyone with an internet connection and camera on their computer, laptop or iPad can obtain services wherever they are.

Offering end-to-end encryption, eHAB is the safe way to provide remote consultations.

What industry challenge is eHAB tackling?

Provision of allied health services to regional, rural and remote areas as well as provision of such services when people feel compelled to stay at home due to COVID-19 restrictions.

What makes eHAB unique in the market?

Unlike a traditional telehealth platform, eHAB is able to offer functionality such as:

  • Patient measurement – which allows for Occupational Therapists to determine exactly what aids individual clients need in their homes, and precisely where to put them

  • Joint measurement tools such as goniometers which allow Physiotherapists to determine an individual’s precise range of motion

  • High definition recording tools which allow Audiologists and Speech Pathologists to effectively diagnose and treat a wide range of conditions; for example, eHAB has been used to help improve the quality of speech in Parkinson’s Disease patients, meaning that they are still able to maintain meaningful communication and engagement with the world around them

“As eHAB was developed by clinicians for clinicians its services have been tailor-made to suit what actually works for patients in real life. Lack of specialised telehealth solutions for rehabilitation was a problem for practitioners and a problem for patients – and we worked hard to solve that problem", said Prof Trevor Russell, founder of eHAB.

With over ten years’ experience in the telehealth space, COVID-19 highlighted the need for NeoRehab to hone its skills even further.

“While telehealth consultations over the phone or platforms such as Zoom do work, our system provides additional layers of functionality such as patient measurements which are vital to delivering enhanced patient care", Prof Russell said.

What is the biggest risk to the company?

Lack of awareness that our product exists.

What does success look like for eHAB?

More and more people around the world using our service.

Why should a customer use eHAB?

eHAB’s reliability is also second to none. Rural and remote places, in particular, often mean that the internet signal isn’t very strong.

Traditional telehealth platforms often require a lot of bandwidth to run, meaning that they are extremely slow, frequently drop out or simply don’t work altogether. eHAB’s adaptive bandwith engine and unique "beyond bandwidth recording" eliminates this problem thus ensuring a seamless delivery of patient care.

eHAB also comes with end-to-end encryption, meaning that patient privacy is never at risk.

eHAB can be accessed via your computer or iPad app, making it ideal for not only remote, rural and regional patients where specialist services may not be easily accessible, but also for time-poor urbanites that wish to avoid the hassles of parking or increased risk of COVID-19 exposure.

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