Product Snapshot: Ellume Lab

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In this week's Product Snapshot, we focus on a series of diagnostic tools that transform the way we approach infectious diseases and treatment accessibility.

Cue Ellume Lab, empowering medical professionals through innovative diagnostic technology.

What is Ellume Lab?

Ellume Lab is a versatile digital device designed for healthcare practitioners and professionals. The new technology offers a range of accurate and efficient diagnostic functions for common infectious diseases.

What industry challenges is Ellume Lab tackling?

The technology allows clinics and health professionals to increase testing efficiency and provides reliable and accurate serology results in a matter of less than 15 minutes.

This tool supports the clinical decision making process in an efficient manner, delivering better health outcomes and improving the patient experience process.

What makes Ellume Lab unique in the market?

Despite advances in modern medicine, the current process for the acquisition of serology results remains lengthy, cumbersome and sometimes inaccurate.

Ellume Lab addresses this concern in the diagnosis process by providing health professionals with products that enable simple, efficient diagnosis and care.

What does success look like for Ellume Lab?

Its scope of success is aimed towards launching in the US Market and providing long term global common public health solutions such as tuberculosis and influenza.

They are also looking to accelerate the development of a reliable and accurate COVID-19 test kit to support the global response of the coronavirus pandemic.

Why should health practitioners use Ellume Lab?

Ellume Lab removes the nuances behind the diagnosis of infectious diseases in patients such as sending them away to do a serology test, wait for results and book another appointment to see the GP.

It allows diagnostic testing efficiency with accurate and reliable results, at the same time improving the patient experience in healthcare.

How do we find out more about Ellume Lab?

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