👨‍✈️ Product Snapshot: Flightcare Global ✈️

In one sentence, describe your product?

End-to-end technology based medical assistance platform for the aviation industry (Flightcare Global has two products, Flightcare and Crewcare.

What industry challenge is Flightcare Global tackling?

Medical events related to flight increase year on year (pandemic notwithstanding) as people travel more, at older ages and for the purpose of medical treatment.

Medical assistance in aviation has traditionally been an underserved market devoid of innovative solutions.

Our technology can manage medical situations before, during or after a flight providing decision support to the crew / company and connecting the patient with appropriate medical support as required.

What makes Flightcare Global unique in the market?

The use of cutting edge integrated technology both at the user interface and our clinical platform (command centre) and the use of global intelligence to enhance case decision making.

We also have hands down the best team and experience to execute and succeed in the market.

What is the biggest risk to the company?

Customer malaise and reluctance to embrace alternative ways of doing things. Everyone complains about the status quo but is reluctant to try something innovative (the safety factor is big in aviation of course).

What does success look like for Flightcare Global?

Partnering with operators to keep their passengers and crew healthy.

And ultimately changing the way health risks and events are managed across the industry form business aviation to commercial airlines.

Why should a customer use Flightcare Global?

Use of technology allow rapid information capture, triage and decision support. This replaces an existing manual process in a transparent way at a much lower cost base.

With health in aviation on the radar due to the pandemic operators are looking for innovative solutions which we offer.

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