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👨‍👩‍👧‍👧 Product Snapshot: Genoplan Australia 🧬

In one sentence, describe your product?

Genetic Health Analysis by Genoplan is a genetic health screening to determine onset risk of 500 conditions including cancer, disease and traits from a saliva sample.

What industry challenge is Genoplan Australia tackling?

To increase the adoption of personalised preventative health strategies in the general population to overcome medical conditions before they have a chance to take effect. It is far more financially sustainable to help the healthy stay healthy as apposed to intervention when the healthy become ill.

Advances in genomics allow the development of gene based preventative health solutions that take into account the unique building blocks of an individual. However, these advances are not currently being translated into meaningful benefit for the wider community.

We aim to make actionable genetic health information more accessible to the general public than ever. Our clients use our saliva collection kit to produce a sample suitable for genetic analysis. The sample is collected in the convenience of the clients home and the resulting sample is mailed to our labs.

Our cost effective testing and our easy-to-read reports are designed to be accessible to as many people as possible. Through our service We want to increase genetic literacy and provide our clients with the ability to adopt preventative health strategies specific to their genome to live healthy and well.

What makes Genoplan Australia unique in the market?

The most comprehensive genetic health analysis providing incites into 500 conditions.

We have an experienced team in biotechnology, IT and genetic fields that examine 700,000+ genetic markers with an average three-week turn around time in Australia.

There is a propose-built website and free smartphone application to deliver information in a convenient and easy to read format as well as free lifetime updates as new advances are made in genomics with no need to be retested. Therefore we believe it is the most cost effective commercial genetic analysis available.

We have accreditation that includes:

College of American Psychologists

ISO9001: Quality Management Assurance

ISO27001: Information Security Management

Illumina Propel certified

What is the biggest risk to the company?

A lack of genetic literacy amongst the population and people being unsure how to interpret the results. We are currently engaging with GPs and medical professionals to make sure our clients have local medical personnel to turn to.

What does success look like for Genoplan Australia?

To increase the number of people using personalised preventative health strategies.

Why should a customer use Genoplan Australia?

Genoplan provides the most comprehensive and cost-effective consumer genetic health analysis in Australia. We can provide insight into 500 conditions and traits and determine the risk of developing 30 cancers and 196 diseases as well as outlining the best ways to prevent them.

Our reports of nutrition and fitness traits outline the diet and fitness strategies that are the most likely to be suitable to your goals.

From a single saliva sample, we provide an analysis involving 700,000+ genetic markers which is conveniently accessible from our secure website and smartphone application. We take significant measures to ensure genetic data is private and secure.

Comprehensive, Actionable, Accessible, Cost-effective, Secure.

Genoplan is the best choice when it comes to genetic health testing.

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