Product Snapshot: Halogen Health

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Welcome to the next post in our series of Product Snapshots in the Australian healthtech sector.

Say hello to Halogen Health in the words of George Racz, Founder/CEO.

In one sentence, describe your product?

Halogen is all about prevention. We conduct advanced risk prediction and provide highly targeted, personalised advice. Before you get sick, not after!

What industry problem / challenge are you tackling?

As many as 50% of deaths are preventable (RACGP, 2019). We want to prevent those deaths.

What is unique about your product in your market?

Clinical risk prediction. We have the world's most advanced risk assessment. And a focus on prevention. We draw on self-reported, clinical and genomic risk factors in order to get the most accurate and comprehensive risk profile possible. This allows us to provide highly targeted, personalised prevention advice.

What is the biggest risk to your company?

Our biggest challenge is overcoming patient apathy. As many have noted before us - behaviour change is hard. Like really, really hard!

What does success look like for the company?

Success is a long term goal. We would love to see a 50% drop in mortality and morbidity due to chronic disease. That's a long way away, but we are taking small steps in that direction.

Why should a customer use Halogen Health? As a human - you can have many of the same risks as your patients. Learning about those risks early, can help you to avoid them. Conversely - ignoring them can have the same consequences. As a medical superhero - we may refer a high-risk patient to see you, based on their risk profile and when an investigation might be warranted. We are being careful to fit into an existing medical system, to add value to patients as well as their doctors.

How do we find out about Halogen Health?

We are also currently looking for a part-time Medical Director - if interested reach out to

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