⚕️ Product Snapshot: Healea 🤖

In one sentence, describe your product?

Reimagining diabetes care employing artificial intelligence (AI).

What industry challenge are is Healea tackling?

Over one million people in Australia have diabetes, and nearly two billion Australian dollars are spent on diabetes every year. As of now, there is no cure for diabetes, so the options are management and prevention of complications.

Delaying complications is beneficial for both the patient and the health system, including saving in terms of healthcare costs. By targeting modifiable risk factors including risky behaviour and unhealthy lifestyle, we can delay the onset and progress of the disease.

Research has found frequent communication between patients and doctors and monitoring of patient-derived data limits disease progression. Borrowing from this research evidence, we introduce "Healea".

What is unique about Healea in your market?

There are many unique features including incorporation of computer vision and natural language processing in the application to assist user. However, the main distinguishing features are the ability of real-time data transfer and communication between patients and providers and continuous monitoring of disease progression.

What is the biggest risk to Healea?

The most significant risk to Healea is not meeting users’ expectations. Therefore, Healea needs to evolve and improve as we go along based on the insights and feedback from the users.

What does success look like for the company?

Growing our product to be the number one behaviour management platform to help diabetic patients manage their condition effectively.

Why should a customer use the product?

The platform is easy to use, and one can easily navigate all the features. Product development has been done keeping in mind simplicity and consumer requirements.

The platform is packed with features to manage diabetes effectively, and on top, who says it can’t be fun managing diabetes? The platform offers an interesting element to make diabetes management a fun and engaging activity.

How do we find out more?