👨‍💼 Product Snapshot: Indie by Pioneera 📊

In one sentence, describe your product?

The spell checker for stress, helping you and your team, identify and act on stress before it is dangerous.

What industry challenge is Indie by Pioneera tackling?

Chronic stress, burnout, risk taking and mental health in the workplace.

What makes Indie by Pioneera unique in the market?

We do not rely on surveys to help people, we sit in the system, keeping your data safe and confidential whilst helping you.

We are a proactive, preventative mental health solution, as much as we help people when they are stressed.

What is the biggest risk to the company?

People taking a chance on something new.

What does success look like for Indie by Pioneera?

Lots of businesses buying this for their people, so we have productive, well workforces.

Why should a customer use Indie by Pioneera?

It gives the leader and employee a sense of their workplace and where and when they need to help people to reduce stress and improve productivity.

It also provides on the spot wellness and leadership tips, so it can build leadership capability one day at a time. Best of all, you download it and Indie does all the work for you.

How can we find out more?


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