Product Snapshot: LusioMATE

In one sentence, describe your product?

Wearable controller and gaming ecosystem designed to motivate adherence to physical therapy programs and achievement of movement goals.

What industry challenge are is LusioMATE tackling?

For anyone with a born or acquired injury or disability, general motivation for, and adherence to, in-clinic rehab and at home physical therapy programs is a global challenge. LusioMATE tackles this challenge with engaging and fun gaming therapy.

For clinicians, monitoring at home programs remotely, and patient adherence is equally a global challenge which again LusioMATE overcomes with the in built clinician dashboard.

What is unique about LusioMATE in your market?

LusioMATE is the world's first mobile physical therapy product, as all other assistive technology products are in clinic only - it is literally a physical therapist in your pocket.

It enables an individual to bring together their combined clinical support team, on the platform, to provide a holistic approach to their rehabilitation needs.

Within the gaming therapy market, LusioMATE is the only wearable controller and gaming therapy eco system designed specifically for rehabilitation and therapy as opposed to having accessibility retro fitted on to existing gaming consoles.

This enables exercises to be tailored to a client's precise range of motion, via AI enabled automatic or manual calibration, which is simply not possible with other systems.

It also has remote prescribing and monitoring functionality.

What is the biggest risk to LusioMATE?

Industry assumptions around digital health and gaming therapy and the historic resistance to adopting new practises within the health industry.

As a company and tech developer we need to overcome the fact that it can take 15 - 20 years from idea to adoption of new inventions in the health industry.

We feel that we are making very positive and significant progress but that certainly stands out as one of the biggest risks to the company.

What does success look like for the company?

To see LusioMATE as a mainstay and go to product in the world of prevention, habilitation and rehabilitation for people of all ages.

Why should a customer use the product?

To motivate their achievement of movement goals, particularly at home and between face to face clinician appointments.

How do we find out more? or contact Justin Keenan +61 449 183 883 /