💊 Product Snapshot: Medicly 👨‍⚕️

Welcome to the next post in our series of Product Snapshots in the Australian healthtech sector.

Say hello to Medicly.

In one sentence, describe your product?

Connecting patients and doctors with medication pricing and availability information.

What industry challenge is Medicly tackling?

Patients leaving their doctor with a script for medication that may be inaccessible.

What makes Medicly unique in the market?

We have focused on simplicity, keeping things uncluttered, focused, and only displaying the useful.

What is the biggest risk to the company?

Pharmaceutical market being reduced to a single, online supplier.

What does success look like for Medicly?

50% of doctors regularly checking medication accessibility before they write a prescription.

Why should a customer use Medicly?

Doctors should use Medicly if they want to ensure their prescriptions are accessible to their patient - before they leave the consult room.

How do we find out more?


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