💊 Product Snapshot: Medmate 📦

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Next on our product snapshot, transforming the way we approach medicine supply.

Welcome to Medmate, founded by Dr Ganesh Naidoo.

What is Medmate?

The Medmate mobile app makes acquiring medications convenient through electronic prescriptions from your doctor, ordering online and a pharmacy delivery straight to your home.

What industry challenges is Medmate tackling?

Medmate removes some nuances involved in the process of purchasing medication. This includes

losing prescriptions prescribed by GPs', the ambiguity of expiry dates, and waiting in queues for over the counter medicine.

The app is designed to remove these inconveniences and make getting medications much more simpler, safe, and easier.

What makes Medmate unique in the market?

As Australia's first eScript app, Medmate brings the pharmacy to the patient. Medmate is ideal and safe for patients who live in regional areas, live in isolation, the vulnerable or busy.

Medmate strives to create seamless pharmacy experiences for patients, from enabling electronic prescription to delivering medication to your door.

While removing the inconveniences that come along with filling in a prescription, the Medmate app comes with useful features such as:

  • Booking a telehealth appointment doctor to obtain prescriptions

  • Order medications from a local pharmacy

  • Tracking medications via a reminder feature

  • Automate prescription filling

  • Managing medications for family members

  • Downloading e-referral for various services such as pathology and radiology

What does success look like for Medmate?

Medmate aims to ensure people can get access to all the medication they need at any time, from their preferred healthcare provider, throughout a safe and secure process.

Why should customers use Medmate?

Medmate aims to create smooth patient journey experiences for prescribing, filling, dispensing medications through connecting patients, doctors, and pharmacies.

How do we find out more about Medmate?


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