💸 Product Snapshot: Medsave 👛

In one sentence, describe your product?

A one-stop digital wallet for patient out-of-pocket health expenses, payments, rewards and more.

What industry challenge is Medsave tackling?

The $30b+ of annual out of pocket expenses not covered by Medicare or Private Health Insurance (PHI).

Medicare co-payments vary considerably and Private Health extras are not good value, as they restrict the treatment types and only pay part of the bill, with annual limits and expiring benefits.

What makes Medsave unique in the market?

Medsave attempts to add value in multiple ways:

- Save: easy payments into your wallet

- Pay: low cost payments to health practitioners

- Reward: cash back into your wallet to use on other health needs

- Treat now pay later: if you need a short term cash boost

- Invest: put surplus funds to work for you

- Major Medical: Top up cover for those big surgical events

- Thrive: healthcare and lifestyle information and marketplace

What is the biggest risk to the company?

Anti-competitive behaviour by health funds.

What does success look like for Medsave?

One million Australian families taking control of their health costs and saving money.

Why should a customer use Flightcare Global?

it is simple, rewarding and liberating.

How can we find out more?


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