💬 Product Snapshot: Olinqua 👩‍⚕️

In one sentence, describe your product?

Olinqua’s integration platform technology helps hospitals implement seamless communication and collaboration between highly interdependent workflow environments.

What industry challenge are is Olinqua tackling?

Often there are different teams, many different systems, and multiple ways of communication and collaboration in a hospital. All of this can hold healthcare facilities back from achieving a truly automated and integrated patient centric experience.

By bringing end to end hospital systems together, Olinqua’s unified communications, location and mobility solutions help hospitals to optimise their workforce, healthcare and patient outcomes.

What is unique about Olinqua in your market?

We know that our challenge is to bridge the gap between clinical and collaboration communications in hospitals so we’ve made integration capabilities a key strength of our technology.

Core to developing and delivering this solution is driving organisational benefits whilst improving the individual experience of staff, customers and visitors.

To achieve this, we are creating user experiences that are so tactile and intuitive that our customers find themselves immersed in their use without noticing them. We call this transparent experience.

Secondly, we personalise our solutions. We have set up a strong services support team - consulting, implementation, training, support and customer success - for successful outcomes at every point of our customer journey.

What is the biggest risk to Olinqua?

The success of any digital solution depends on the ease and effectiveness of adoption of the technology by its users. In a hospital environment where clinicians and the workforce are always busy and in demand, there is a big risk of increased cognitive load from a new system that no one has time or energy to learn to use and advocate.

Olinqua’s focus on transparent user experience, end-to-end customised support services and the involvement of a Clinical Advisory Board who also focus on addressing systemic digital capabilities issues for clinicians and healthcare staff help to mitigate and manage this risk.

What does success look like for the company?

Pushing the boundaries of digital health innovation to further improve the work life of those who provide health services and the care they have of patients.

Why should a customer use the product?

Designed for the hospital workforce, our systems use the power of unified communications and modern, secure app technologies to enhance the real-time effectiveness of teams focused on helping patients.

Australian hospitals use our platform to achieve overall, universal outcome of higher standards of safe, staff and patient centred care, holistically and efficiently.

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