🚂 Product Snapshot: PainTrain 🤕

Welcome to the next post in our series of Product Snapshots in the Australian healthtech sector.

Say hello to PainTrain - My Health Summary.

In one sentence, describe your product?

PainTrain is an online resource helping patients and practitioners communicate – think of it as a kind of patient health CV!

What industry challenge is PainTrain tackling?

Generally healthcare is lacking in the embrace of technology, especially from a health record perspective.

What makes PainTrain unique in the market?

It speeds up the traditional appointment system and saves the trauma for patients that have to repeat themselves all the time.

What is the biggest risk to the company?

The fact that we are patient owned and under resourced.

What does success look like for PainTrain?

PainTrain is adopted as a communication resource by health organisations such as health insurers and pain management programs. PainTrain can be morphed for other health areas (mental health, stroke etc).

Why should a customer use PainTrain?

PainTrain helps support patients so they do not have to repeat their long history. It keeps the health CV together for the patient and in their own words

PainTrain will help the patient and healthcare professional communicate prior, between and during appointments.

Test drive PainTrain (via url provided below) with Promo Code: Hello Doctology

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