🤳 Product Snapshot: Pearlii 🦷

The dental scene in Australian healthtech is well and truly gaining steam.

Say hello to the next Product Snapshot by doctology, the gleaming Pearlii.

In one sentence, describe your product?

A free app that inspires, encourages and keeps people motivated to improve their oral health.

What industry challenge is the Pearlii tackling?

Barriers to accessing oral health and general mindset of not paying attention to oral health.

What makes Pearlii unique in the market?

The "Giving Back" element - Pearlii is about improving oral health for everyone!

Not just our app users but also for people (mainly kids) who do not have access to dental hygiene essentials like toothbrushes and toothpaste.

What is the biggest risk to the company?

The Pearlii App now has all of the key functions built (machine learning pipeline, real-time dentist appointment booking, purchase teeth whitening kits).

Our next phase work is going to be all about:

1) Adding loads of expert content, and;

2) Making the app far more engaging and enjoyable for our users.

We need to nail this!

What does success look like for Pearlii?

We want Pearlii to become the number dental app in the world with 10 million+ downloads. At scale, Pearlii has the potential to help millions of people and improve oral health globally.

Why should a customer use Pearlii?

Our smile is one of the first things anyone notices about us. Our oral health impacts our overall health and if that is not reason enough, it also affects our ability to smile with confidence.

How do we find out more?


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